Sunday, March 28, 2010

studious reflection. any thoughts? bracelet advice.

I would really appreciate your thoughts here. Honestly, I'm not a bracelet person. Haha, I was never much of a watch person either because I kept washing them [yes, more than once &, no, not sure how I managed it!]. Of course these days, that's what the handy-dandy [notebook, err...] cellphone is for [Blue Clues -Steve style- was catchy. I make no apologies].
Right, I'm rambling again. So. I'm not a huge fan of don't worry about hurting my feelings here. What do you think of the bracelet above? Now, I haven't finished this...meaning I took these pictures without trimming &, honestly, this particular bracelet has sat on my desk in the sidelines for about a week partially finished and collecting fabric lint. And I know they're not the greatest photos, but since I'm in uncharted territory I'd love to know what you guys think.
As you can see in the very top image, the flowers are up next to one another when flat. When I put the bracelet on, they "separate" & the bead work is slightly visible. Does this look okay? The flowers can't be worked closer together or else they'll be bunched up, ruffled & won't lay smooth.
[again, I haven't cleaned please don't deduct points for that!] Now, here's my big wall. My wrist only measures 6" & the average is something like 7.5". I made the prototype at 7" & still closed it on a couple links in. But, my small wrist isn't everyone's problem so I thought about including another clasp [they're not chunky-sized]. This way, the length could be somewhat adjusted from approx. 7-8". Again, I'm curious to know if you think this works, or is it too funky? Or, would it just be best to make them at 7.5" & leave it at that?
Or, do you think they're just a bad idea all together & should be scrapped?
[all pic's by me]
Leave me comments-a-plenty, please!
♥ -Kat.


Joella said...

This is very pretty...I would make it a 7.5 and if someone wants one smaller you can always adjust it or make another. Bracelets are in BIG time this year! I love your fabric flowers;) I too have been making a using flowers in some of my pieces. Have you considered making wrist coursages for graduation? I made a few today by using one big flower and sewing a strip of fabric to the flower to be tied around a wrist. I'll be posting pics soon:) Good Luck with your bracelets!!!

Practically Spent said...

I like the way the bracelet currently lays. Nice work! My wrist, too, is a little less than 6", and we are not the norm, are we? I sell Silpada jewelry, and I can tell you from experience that having an adjustment on your bracelet from 7"-8" like you were considering is the best idea & best size for the masses.

Again, nice work. I wish you the best.

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