Saturday, March 6, 2010

diy project: velvet embossing tutorial

Check out this great embossed velvet sachet tutorial on Instructables from Inklings & Imprints. Check out their beautiful stamp selection here. You can find great advice about selecting velvets & stamps on their Inklings & Imprints site here

Also check out this article from Threads magazine for other tips & techniques, such as using lace or trim to emboss (as shown above).

 And for yet another fabulous idea,  check out this block print embossing tutorial from Urban Nest.

Know of any other great velvet embossing tutorials? 
Link them here:
Happy embossing!


DuhBe said...

I just love velvet. I wish I had more pretty stamps to do this embossing but good stamps are so pricey.

Kat - cardinalhouse said...

true, it can be a pricier hobby. i would definitely practice with less expensive supplies first before buying the good stuff!

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