Friday, March 12, 2010

i want that. Taeeun Yoo illustrations

I'm in love. It is possible that I drool over art more than I do shoes, bags, etc. Then again, well made shoes, bags, etc should be considered a form of art. Well, at least in my own little world...

I came across this Library print by yoote on Etsy. 1) books. 2) r e d book [good hue, too]. 3) illustration. 

Love it.

I spent a lot of time working in pen & ink during college. The b-w art is an old assignment done with a ton of Micron pens! It's about 18x24 not including the frame and mat...many hours clocked into that piece.

Her [Taeeun Yoo] illustrations have a mild sketchy manner to them that I love. Plus, there's emphasis on her tonal work--which, again, I love. Oh, okay, & she seems to include a lot of black cats too! [my 1st pet was a black cat + my it, good]
So after checking out the goods at her Etsy shop [drool], I stop by her website & blog. Turns out she's a children's book author & illustrator [go figure]. Go check out her lovely work!

Art is such a personal thing, but I hope you enjoy!

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