Saturday, March 27, 2010

because you'd rather be... reading

I make no apologies for being somewhat of a nerd. My nerdiness involves more than just reading, but that's the focus of the current babble. 
When my parents divorced, my mother & I lived with my grandmother for a while. The property was a couple acres & had numerous buildings on it [besides the residence]. There was my grandfather's workshop with all of his woodworking industrial tools, various storage sheds, a greenhouse, a playhouse, and several buildings [& a retired school bus- not kidding!] that housed my grandmother's craft supplies. 
While the playhouse had become something of a cachepot of storage, it was an absolute wonderland for me as a girl. All of the walls [minus the windows] were entirely lined with shelves containing books, puzzles & games. I especially treasured the books. Many were school books from my aunt, uncles & grandfather; they covered subjects from basic arithmetic & rhetoric to botany & politics. My mom was the youngest of 6 kids, so from her, there were books like The Legacy, The Amityville Horror, King & Bradbury [see, it mom's fault that I read so many horror/supernatural books!].
Fast-forward to today. I'm in the library at least once every couple of weeks if not more. I live in Fulton County, so I'm tied in with all of the Atlanta libraries & they're really great with inter-library loans. My specific location [Roswell] is fabulous. I'm constantly amused with the extra programs that the library maintains: flamenco dance lessons, yoga, movie nights, and art classes. This is in addition to typical book club meetings & basic community outreach programs. Obviously, not all libraries have the space to provide the noisier programs...but isn't that just too cool for a library?!

The teen art program this week was paint your own Sistine Chapel. How, you ask? By crawling under a table & painting the underside! Unorthodox creativity makes me smile, what can I say?! I wanted to impersonate a teenager for the 1st time in a really long time for that class. It reminded me of a particular art teacher in high school that actually had her kids paint the ceiling tiles in her class.
[image from Friends of the Roswell  Library site, here]

Here's to supporting your local library!
♥ -Kat.

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