Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Roll with the Punches

Here it is, the last week for businesses to truly get orders shipped before Christmas. I actually have an ad / promo running since Saturday...oh...& my computer's been dead just as long. Frustration.
I'm fairly handy with the computer & thought that it was just the power supply, but on Sunday when that didn't work..yeah--then I was irate.

Oh well. I've got someone looking at it later today & I've been able to keep on track with orders, etc at work (shuuuussh)...but since I'm not able to list new items or browse, I've forced myself to just chill --for me.

Hah..we were taking our time at Target last night & I happened to pass by a display of Guitar Hero games on clearance. Oooh. $12 for the game + 2 of the "guitars" (was $90). I know quite a few musicians that      
d.e.s.p.i.s.e. these games. But considering my music instrumental ability is right between zero & nothing, it works! I'm almost embarrassed to admit that my hand is a little sore this morning because I was so amused with the plastic guitar.

Some things you can control & other things you can't. The computer will be fixed soon & for now I can deal without being in a constant up-to-the-minute state of control. Not such a terrible thing every once in a while.

'til next time

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