Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thank you for not being a sell-out, Laurell K. Hamilton.

I'll try to keep this short & sweet because this may only mean something to me. I've mentioned before that I read the Anita Blake books by Laurell K. Hamilton & Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris. Yes, read the Anne Rice books back in middle school, too. I still stand by the fact that I love these books, not because of vampires, etc...but that they really are about humanity. Our struggles with faith, relationships and whatnot. LKH & CH both have a strong female heroine that I can relate to in some aspects---but again, they're not for everyone. I just can't get into the Twilight books/films because the maturity levels of what's being discussed are, well, geared towards an audience that haven't had to deal with adult life. Yeah, there's drama...but, to me, it's just teenage angst.  I'm sure this may make some folks angry with me...we can always agree to disagree!

Anywho...the point. Twilight and True Blood (based on CH's books) have come to big/little screen with success. I've watched both seasons of True Blood and am kosher with what Alan Ball's done. He's made fitting changes based on baiting his audience--but has stayed true to the essence of the books. The Anita Blake books were in the works to air on IFC in the coming year or two, but according to LKH's most recent blog's off. Essentially, she didn't like the changes that they were proposing & couldn't stand to watch her work being turned into something only to reel in a target audience. That takes guts when faced with a nice pay-check.

The Anita Blake books go back into the early 90's & she's working on book 18, I think it is now. I wondered how they would do the TV..even on IFC. The first couple of books, okay..doable. But they're definately for a mature audience...& could also be ruined by bad special effects. Considering there are zombies, vamps, were-animals, ghosts, would be much more difficult from a production standpoint. And from what I've seen from the TV previews, the CG on Twilight doesn't look that impressive. Next season of True Blood will also begin the were-wolves involvement on the show. If the CG is could be a deal-breaker.

Thanks for putting up with my rambling & here's to an artist standing up for their work!

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