Monday, October 5, 2009

Wow! Is it time to go to bed yet?

Fellow Etsy sellers, I definately recommend submitting your work for the weekend Etsy features. I had 33 sales during the promo. Today (err, & tonight) was spent mainly working up orders, and I've still got some more to work up!  Unfortunately, I know I'm headed into a busy day tomorrow at the office so this former night owl just can't keep her eyes open any longer....

(Artist: William Wegman / website here )

Good Night!


Hannah said...

It's good to hear from Etsy sellers who've gotten into the weekend deals as to how well they did. I've been considering doing a promo in my shop ( I might try it the next time.

Kat - said...

It's worth it! I didn't know what to expect. Next time (haha) I will be prepared! Once I finish up with the remaining orders, I'm going to make note of some advice. But quickie tip(s): add a link to what you want to feature (in your case photography, right..); if picked, increase the quantity of whatever specific image/link used (I did a few at a time so I could run errands & monitor amount of fabric I actually had on hand).

Keeping that particular link from the Etsy email kept bringing in customers. I noticed a definate decrease in shop views when I sold out of that specific item/link. Sorry if this is confusing, I will add tips like this as soon as I can sit down & think!
-Kat. (loooove the photos by the way..)

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