Saturday, October 10, 2009

Because you'd rather be... shopping: favorite things

So I found these while browsing the Gift Guides & Storque on Etsy.

Let me know if any of you have signed on for advertising in any of the Etsy paid gift guides &/or / sites. I've heard mix reviews about Etsy's gift guides...and not sure about the craftopolis or craftcult sites. They sound ideal for suppliers to adv. on, but especially with jewelry...then again, I know that us sellers like to buy from fellow Etsians too..

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

Aren't these gorgeous?! These are from glowfly


I love cardinals (fitting, huh)..these photos are beeaauuuutiful + even the pic's of the females are lovely. Find these & more shots from CrawfordCardinal

My son picks "no one plays with t-rex" as his fav. art piece tonight! by TummyMountain


I love these tags SO MUCH! It would be perfecto if these were the only 2 designs in the set for me!

These designs + more from farouche


Two of my absolute fav. things: flavored lip balm & solid perfume. Solid perfume is fantastic to keep in your purse without leaking, but remember to not leave in a hot car!! Another great thing about the solid perfumes is that it isn't instantly overwhelming like that first whiff of sprayed perfume!
Find these at at mybirch


Okay Moms...the cutest diaper bag from Paris (France, not Kentucky!) by ikabags

Pretty feminine fairy wings just in time for Halloween (& in premature honor of Laurell K. Hamilton's next Meredith Gentry novel coming out within another month!). Err, wings are from UpfromtheAshes and Rebecca has great pieces that pull off the adult seductive fairy / dark angels without looking trashy! Can ship in time for Halloween until 10/19/09!

Bonus points to emandsprout for naming these Frankenstein Monster Mary Janes..that's a random pet peeve calling the monster Frankenstein...sorry for the rant!


I like it in that eccentric & funky way!  headboard by vintagerenewal


Let me know if you have any recommendations or want me to check out your stuff too!


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