Sunday, February 22, 2009

Widgets......très cool or waste of time? Side order of Russian Speak.

So I am new to the world of blog. I only follow a handful & that 's only from the past 6ish months. I've not had much time for playing around with the various features; tonight I have a worse case of insomnia than normal, so play around I must. There are widgets for just about anything you can think of, but it serves me right that I find the ones that don't work!

Pardon me, I'm an absolute geek. I had a mother that praised everything Italian (we lived there until I was about school age) & shipped me off there for a summer when I was old enough. Architecture, languages, history, art, culture, oh my........yes I love it all. So, I think that all of these widgets showcasing these things are NIFTO & serves me right that some of them don't seem to work.

Please, if anybody reads this: Personal Service Announcement for Kat Request:
let me know if the damn "listen" buttons on these word of the day widgets work.

I think that they would be très cool if they did because I am horrible about breaking out the tapes & discs with the language books.

FYI: the two kiddie language CD's in picture are from a Chick-Fil-A kid's meal. Okay, I was excited. RUSSIAN. I think it is safe to say that for an average English speaking adult, Russian is a difficult study.....this CD was geared towards kids still young enough to be satisfied by 4 chicken nuggets & 5 waffle fries. We played both of these in the car after pulling them out of the kids meal. Spanish was cool; I was full of what I call "mommy magic" that day. Mom knew the Spanish equivalent before they spoke. Then the Russians came....& mommy was a jerk. "Uh....I'm not sure what they said". Repeat & spit out something that restores Alex's confidence in his mom.

Kat/ Cardinal House

PS- For any of you clueless "frenglish" speakers (err..typers..bloggers), check out this site for the keystrokes to make all of the accents:

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